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Additional Services

Experience UBTC

ATMs and Night Depositories

Each of our offices offers a 24-hour ATM and night depositories. If you cannot make it to the bank during normal business hours, you can still withdraw cash from an ATM or make a deposit using our secure lock box.

Card Convenience

Our cards are equipped with EMV-chip technology to add an extra layer of security to your transactions. Choose from the following options:

  • ATM Cards: Use this card at any ATM to check your balance, make a deposit, withdraw money from your savings or checking account or transfer funds between accounts.
  • SHAZAMChek Debit Cards: Combine the benefits of an ATM card with the ability to make purchases with funds debited directly from your checking account.
  • Travel Cards: Make purchases around the world by combining the advantages of Travelers Checks with the convenience of a pre-paid, reloadable card. Unlike cash, these cards are replaceable or refundable if lost or stolen.

Business Debit Cards

Business debit cards offer all the same benefits as your personal debit card, including EMV-Chip technology. With a business debit card you also have the option for multiple cards with specified limits tied to your account.  Additionally, your cards are monitored for fraudulent purchases with programs like Falcon Fraud Manager and Brella.

Cash Management Services

Take advantage of ACH origination through our safe, secure, and private online banking cash management system.

Merchant Card Processing

If your business currently does, or would like to accept payment by credit or debit United Bank & Trust Company can help.

Safe Deposit Boxes

United Bank & Trust Company’s safe deposit boxes are a secure location to store a variety of personal possessions, including family valuables and important documents. You pay a small rental fee based on the size of the box and can access the box any time during normal business hours. Box sizes vary in price and location.

In-House Services

Check Ordering

UBTC offers fast convenient and cost-effective check ordering services.

Overdraft Protection

United Bank & Trust Company’s overdraft protection service can help prevent you from overdrawing your checking account.  When you sign up for automatic transfers, your savings account acts as a safety net. If there aren’t sufficient funds in your checking account to cover a transaction, the difference is taken out of your savings account to allow the transaction to be completed.*

Ready Reserve Line of Credit

Our Ready Reserve Program** is another overdraft protection program that is used as a line of credit. Here’s how it works:

  • When you overdraw your checking account, automatic advances are made in pre-established increments
  • Funds are available within your account and can be withdrawn with your ATM or debit card
  • You can repay all or part of the ready reserve balance at any time

*Federal regulations limit the number of automatic withdrawals from a savings account to six per month.

** Ready Reserve is subject to credit approval.

Trust & Fiduciary Services

The trust officer at United Bank & Trust Company can work with you to create a plan that we will carry out according to your wishes which is of benefit to you and your beneficiaries.

Examples of Our Trust & Estate Services

  • Executor or Co-Executor
  • Trust or Co-Trustee
  • Conservator