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Ag Loans

Lending Solutions for Farmers

Farming is a way of life in Iowa. At United Bank & Trust Company, we work with local farmers to help finance their operations. From purchasing land or livestock, to upgrading the equipment you use in the field, our lenders get to know your needs and provide solutions to help your operation grow.

Image of Farm Trac logoFARMTRAC - Farm Financial Analysis and Risk
Management Program

All ag lenders gather financial information to analyze their customers’ operations and potential risks to the bank …. that is how FARMTRAC began. Through the years and thousands of conversations with our ag customers, we refined and improved our information gathering and analysis processes, and then we began sharing this information back with our farm borrowers. We talked honestly with them about their farming operation… what was going right, what could go better, the impact of risk in their operation and strategies they could implement for a more profitable and secure future. When our farm customers began requesting FARMTRAC sessions with us, we knew we had developed a valuable service, and we trademarked it in 2003.

The FARMTRAC package includes a balance sheet, trend analysis, risk rating, projected cash flow and a proforma balance sheet, none of which are particularly unique. What sets FARMTRAC apart is the manner of our information gathering, the analysis we provide, and the format we use to display our findings.

FARMTRAC can help provide answers to these basic business management questions:

  • Where am I today?
  • How did I get here?
  • Where do I want to be in the future?
  • How do I get there?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • Can I withstand the risks?

No doubt about it… FARMTRAC is the tool that sets United Bank & Trust Company apart from other ag lenders and keeps our customers coming back year after year. No other bank has it.

Operating Loans and Lines of Credit

There are some expenses that come with operating a farm that you face each year. Operating loans and lines of credit are designed to allow you to cover those expenses. These loans typically have terms of less than one year and are often repaid from the sale of crop and livestock.

Real Estate Loans

If you’re looking to expand your farm’s operation, United Bank & Trust Company’s lenders can help finance that purchase. Whether you want more grazing land for livestock, more acreage to plant crops, or land to build new structures on, we’ve got you covered.

Livestock Loans

If you’re looking to increase the head count of livestock on your farm, UBTC can finance the purchase of feeder or breeding livestock. These loans have varying terms, depending on the livestock being purchased. Feeder livestock loans are due near the expected marketing date for the livestock being fed. Breeding livestock loans are due annually based on species and age.

Image of corn

Machinery Equipment Loans

Whether it’s a tractor or another piece of machinery that helps your farm run more efficiently, our lenders can provide financing to purchase new equipment. These loans typically have terms of five years or less and the repayment schedule can be tailored to fit your cash flow needs.

Livestock Facility Loans

Give your farm more flexibility. Livestock facility loans allow you to act as an independent producer or contract feeder. These loans allow you to provide an influx that will steady your cash flow, diversify your risk, and make better use of excess labor. Loan terms and repayment schedules are matched very closely to projected cash flows and useful life of the facility.

Grain Inventory Loans

These loans are becoming more popular as an alternative to the hassle of selling grain with USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation. A grain inventory loan gives farmers marketing flexibility … you can price your grain when you want and deliver it to whomever you choose. Grain inventory loans allow you to take advantage of carry-in-the-market to improve your net price per bushel. Proceeds of all grain sold must be applied to the underlying grain inventory note, and the loans are due when the last of the grain is expected to be marketed.

Beginning Farmer Loans

Beginning farmer loans are offered through the Iowa Agricultural Development Authority (IADA) and Farm Service Agency (FSA). These loans are designed to help beginning farmers overcome the barriers associated with starting a farm, giving them a chance to thrive. Applicants must qualify based upon pre-established criteria.

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To put FARMTRAC to work using data to drive growth, please stop into one of our offices and speak with a member of our lending team.

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    Shawn Loughren

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    Larry Miller

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